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What Are SEO Components

The general practice for searching anything on the internet is just type your query on the search engine and hit enter. The list of the relevant websites that match exactly or to the nearest is displayed on the window. Have you ever wondered how this happens? How some websites are displayed on the top while others are down the list? Well, this is because of the digital marketing technique called search engine optimization (SEO).

What is Search Engine optimization?

SEO is the process of grading the visibility of the web pages in search engine’s results.Now the question arises that what are the key factors that help improve the position of the website. The following post will guide us the key components of the search engine optimization technique.

Keywords and longtail keywords:

Keywords are the exceptional and uncommon words or sentences that are related to the content of a site or blog. It has a solid noteworthiness or significance for the content of the site or blog. Actually, content is directly or indirectly related to the keywords or long tail keywords. You can notice that the SEO is affected by these. Usually, the websites that appear in the first page or best 10 that has a reasonable association with the searched keywords.

Meta Description:

It is the brief depiction of the post that is highlighted under the post title and the link during the search made by the search engine. It plays a key part in search engine optimization. This is usually of about 156 characters and contains the best keywords and define your post perfectly. The results that match the query exactly or to the maximum takes the lead during the searches.


These are the links of your site pages on different sites or blogs. These links when clicked takes the client to your site or blog. It helps in getting referral movement. Referral Traffic is the movement that a site or blog can get from other site or writes. They play a fundamental role in SEO. Backlinks are additionally the purpose behind quick indexing of site’s latest update in the search engine.

Internal Linking:

If you incorporate links of your some other site or website’s pages or post in a specific post or page, then you can say that you have interlinked your blog’s content. There are two noteworthy advantages of the internal linking – one is from SEO perspective and other is the convenience.

Usually, the higher the visibility of the website, more is the traffic on that site. When the above components were taken care of while adding the post or updating the site can help the website to to rank better when the relevant searches are made.