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Bounce Rate – Does It Really Matter in SEO

Are you an owner of a website? Are you wondering about the best possible way to track whether your website is being viewed by various online users? According to an analysis, it has been found that there are various users who go through the website of a company for not more than 5 to 10 seconds. In order to measure the percentage of online users who briefly go through a specific website, Bounce Rate is certainly the best tool. Below are discussed some of the unique facts of this unique tool that will certainly enable you to decide on whether it really matters in SEO.

What Does The Term Bounce Rate Mean?

This is a unique tool that will help you in measuring the percentage of viewers who have viewed only a single page of your website before moving to another company’s website. For instance, if your website has around 100 online visitors in a specific day and among them only 85 of them viewed just a single then the bounce rate of your website is 85%. It will be wise for you to become aware that lower the bounce rate more is the duration of time your website has been viewed by most of the online users.

Is This Really Matter?

Bounce Rate really matters a great deal since it helps in measuring the how engaging a specific website among the online users in various parts of the world. Lower the bounce rate will ensure you that online users are certainly able to gain valuable information about the products and services of your company in a convenient way.

Besides this, also helps the search engines to perceive the relevancy of a specific page in the website of a company. For instance, if the website of a company gets a higher rank in the search engine results but most of the online viewers go through the specific website for not more than 5 seconds then this certainly proves that it’s not good website. Most of the popular search engines analyze the bounce rate of the website besides monitoring the traffic. A website having poor rate will not get a position in the first page of search engine results in the future.

Bounce rate is good or bad certainly depends upon the situation to which a specific online user reacts after viewing the content of the website. It will be wise to post relevant content about the products and services of your company in order to get a lower percentage.